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Nate, Elly, Jake, and Kayla’s Wendigo Encounter

The atmosphere in the woods is just eerie. It may be their breathing or the fact that their vision is limited to a certain distance. The Terror in the Trees event at Beamish Hall will put your nerves and sanity to the test this year. This North East horror attraction, which was so popular that it sold out, is not for the faint of heart.


Native American wendigos are scary. It is a big, cannibalistic spirit that lives in Canadian and northern US forests and lakes, according to mythology. It symbolizes winter, famine, and cold.

Wendigo myths advise against greed and selfishness and teach individuals that tribes must work together to survive. Indigenous communities who have experienced genocidal colonization and other Euro-American dominance should heed this message.

Wendigos are rare but common in modern media. Ravenous and Hannibal have utilized it. Until Dawn and Wolverine feature it. The wendigo seems permanent.


Fredonia students are preparing for fall events as leaves turn red and Halloween costumes are sewn. Terror in the Trees, Fredonia’s biggest Halloween event, is back this year thanks to the Interactive Theatre Society and Ring Road Forest.

This sell-out North East horror attraction will test your nerves and sanity with terrifying scenarios that prey on your innermost fears. A headtorch will guide you through gloomy woods.

His Eminence the Wicked, from Hemlock and PORPHYRIA, plays old-school black metal. Devil Worship is classic black metal.


Get in the Trunk, GCN’s most popular RPG show, started as a three-episode tour of the Delta Green beginning scenario. Delta Green operatives fight evil in New York City’s dark woods in the podcast.

The Fredonia Interactive Theatre Society haunts Ring Road Forest with Terror in the Trees each year. Club members scare students who enter the dark woods.

The Trunk, a 2021 Netflix original series, stars Gong Yoo. Jeong-won, a reclusive music producer, marries matchmaker In-ji. Park Eun-young wrote Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, which was a blockbuster in 2022.


The Wendigo’s eyes are important and utilized to gaze at passersby. The Wendigo is hazardous because of this.

Fredonia’s Interactive Theatre Society is reviving a Halloween tradition. Students will be scared by society members in Ring Road Forest from Oct 24-26 and Oct 31-Nov 2.

North East’s scariest haunted event is TERROR IN THE TREES! This sold-out experience will prey on your innermost anxieties. STUPID ENOUGH? Sick enough? WANT TO DIE?

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